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Career Actress and Professional Life, Business, and Autoimmune Health Coach

Hello! I’m Sascha. I’m an artist, a personal growth junkie, and a professional coach, and all I wanted for the first 30 years of my life was to be a Hollywood star. Until I developed a mysterious, chronic illness at age 28 that changed the trajectory of my life forever. Lyme Disease was a bomb that went off in my life and completely rearranged my soul, my life, and my priorities, ushering in greater levels of self knowledge and self advocacy, and facilitating a spiritual awakening that inspired me to serve others more directly. In 2017 I opened the doors of my business, to help as many sick people as possible find their own way through the dark.

From 2018 to the present my business expanded to include other areas where I have experienced personal transformation: trauma recovery, wealth creation, entrepreneurship, healing from addiction, living a fulfilling life as an artist, and ultimately creating a meaningful, peaceful, and uplifted life that heals us, and the world. 

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My clients create miracles in their lives.

Here is what they’re saying:”

Lamar Billups
"My work with Sascha has been blessed from day one. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't made the decision to work with her. Has it been easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But I took everything Sascha said and looked at it hard with an open heart and mind. Her intuition about the things I needed to read, do, listen to is so spot on. It's important to be prepared to be uncomfortable in order to get through to the other side. But you won't be alone on your path with Sascha. I've done the work with no expectations and had so many good... Read More

- Lamar Billups

Jackie Shea
"I had so much resistance to hiring a coach for my business-- it almost felt like a "pay to play" scam to me. When all of my other efforts failed and I kept hitting the same obstacles without ladders, I finally got the courage to spend the cash on Sascha...and, then, my life completely changed. I made my investment back within a month or two and have continued to grow in mind, body, spirit, and finance since. Hiring Sascha to grow my business was/is-- hands down-- the smartest thing I did and has had the most return on investment than any other program, book, course, or person. Now I view... Read More

- Jackie Shea

"I’ve seen dozens of coaches and nutritionists and doctors and therapists, and it has never before been exciting. It’s always seemed like this chore, this reality I didn’t want to face, and now my health and well being has become more than a pleasure. It's this eye-opening, incredibly satisfying journey that I keep growing into, filled with actual moments of euphoria. Sascha is 100% born to do this.” Read More

- Julia Roth

Leigh Huggins
I’ve worked with Sascha for almost two consecutive years, and I can say without a doubt that my life is better with her in it. Before I met Sascha, I had already experienced traditional talk therapy models for over 10 years, but never saw the results in myself I was seeking. When I met her, I was in the throws of an autoimmune disease, feeling lost and alone, and in almost $50,000 of debt. Within six months, I had a burgeoning community, more clarity on my symptoms and treatment course options, and had gotten myself completely solvent. I was so amazed and perplexed as to how it all happened, that... Read More

- Leigh Huggins

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Tools, articles, guides, and multimedia resources for taking charge of your world, dissolve blocks that stand in your way, and live a more inspired and uplifted life daily.

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I offer one-on-one or group coaching to individuals designed to help them live courageously. Who I support:

Actors, Writers, and Directors

Coaches and Mentors

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Individuals with Chronic or Invisible Illness and Disease

You and Your Unique Goals

Coaching is about living the unlived life.
About what happens when you stop holding back.

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Investing in a six or 12- month coaching package is like getting a Masters Degree in yourself. You’ll leave with mastery over whatever area of your life you choose to transform, and often, over multiple areas you didn’t even set out to shift as the ceiling of your old life becomes the floor of the new one.

Six-Month Inspired Hollywood Group

A small group offering for 10 Hollywood Artists: producers, directors, writers, or actors, who want to make massive breakthroughs in their careers, inside and out. If you’re looking to join an inspired community of artists, and take new ground in your Hollywood life, this may be for you.

Three-Month Radiant Health Group

An intimate group experience designed specifically for individuals suffering from autoimmune and chronic illnesses. Via root cause education and community, patients pursue better medical treatment, work to reclaim their lives from illness, and find more radiance inside and out.

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