“I’m Not as Successful as I Thought I Would Be.”

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“I’m Not as Successful as I Thought I Would Be.”

…is the thought that rose to the top of my consciousness, when podcaster Lindsey Lewis asked me one spicy question:

“What’s the thing you never say out loud?”
Yep. Despite my earnings as an actress, my health care and pension through my union, my sometimes visibility on TV that gets all my relatives super excited to know me, as an actress in Hollywood who hasn’t yet become a household name–I’ve thought these thoughts many, many times.

I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve done years and years of personal growth work, I’ve called myself out on patterns high and low, and I was surprised to find that these felt like some of the naughtiest words I’ve maybe ever said out loud.
To even admit to this thought, let alone discuss it publically was a different level of vulnerability.
For that reason, I knew we had to go for it.

Not succeeding at your dream is what Lindsey and I unpacked on this podcast appearance.
During this 30 minute conversation on her podcast “Things I’d Never Say,” Lindsey and I explored frustrated ambition, big dreams that you go for, only to have them fall flat, and how to support yourself through the very human experience of NOT getting the thing you want.

What do you do when you’re an ambitious and capable person whose results haven’t lived up to your dreams and assumptions?

And we admit that this has happened…are we giving up? Are we letting ourselves down?
Are we dooming ourselves to a life of less?
(Spoiler alert: after walking through this podcast episode with Lindsey, I don’t think it does!)
This conversation is on exactly that.
I hope it supports you in finding your own way in with your own disappointments.
After all, what is success? What is failure?
Is it worth it to do it…anyway??

Give it a listen below.