One-on-one coaching is like strapping a rocket pack onto your entire life. It’s a level of intimacy, transparency, and ruthless investigation into what’s in the way for you and how it can be dissolved that is unlike any other offering in my practice.

Investing in a six or 12 month coaching package is like getting a Masters Degree in yourself. Clients leave with mastery over whatever area of their life they choose to transform, and often, over multiple areas they didn’t even set out to shift as the ceiling of their old life becomes the floor of the new one.

The miracles that come out of one-on-one partnerships are impossible to anticipate or describe because every client’s life is different and their progress and spiritual curriculum is sacred and unique, but suffice it to say that one-on-one coaching results are always astonishing, inspiring, and impactful. Projects in one-on-one coaching containers are created based on YOU and the life you envision yourself living, so the first step to exploring this powerful offering is to set up a conversation about what would have to shift in your world to make this investment the best money you’ve ever spent on you.

The Structure

  • Two 90-minute coaching calls per month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Spot coaching by phone, as needed


  • Start by submitting the contact form
  • If you’re entirely new to me, we meet for 45 minutes to get to know each other
  • If there’s potential for more work together after that, we meet again for 2 hours and you’ll leave with an assignment
  • If your life has been enriched, we talk about a full package from there
  • For the complete enrollment process, please visit the Working Together page or contact me for more info


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Praise for One-on-One Coaching with Sascha

Lamar Billups
"My work with Sascha has been blessed from day one. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't made the decision to work with her. Has it been easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But I took everything Sascha said and looked at it hard with an open heart and mind. Her intuition about the things I needed to read, do, listen to is so spot on. It's important to be prepared to be uncomfortable in... Read More

- Lamar Billups

Jackie Shea
"I had so much resistance to hiring a coach for my business-- it almost felt like a "pay to play" scam to me. When all of my other efforts failed and I kept hitting the same obstacles without ladders, I finally got the courage to spend the cash on Sascha...and, then, my life completely changed. I made my investment back within a month or two and have continued to grow in mind, body, spirit, and finance since. Hiring Sascha to... Read More

- Jackie Shea

Leigh Huggins
I’ve worked with Sascha for almost two consecutive years, and I can say without a doubt that my life is better with her in it. Before I met Sascha, I had already experienced traditional talk therapy models for over 10 years, but never saw the results in myself I was seeking. When I met her, I was in the throws of an autoimmune disease, feeling lost and alone, and in almost $50,000 of debt. Within six months, I had a... Read More

- Leigh Huggins

Mariah Bess
"My life would not be the same without Sascha Alexander in it. Period. I am thriving in my health, my coaching practice, and my life as an artist. Each year I spend with Sascha, I peel back another layer and experience new levels of healing, ambition, and hope. We first came together to address my mysterious chronic fatigue, and with Sascha's expert guidance, I was able to get a proper diagnosis, unparalleled medical treatment, and ultimately, heal my body to... Read More

- Mariah Bess

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