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Coaching Services

Coaching turns dreams into projects.

Working with me is for individuals who are ready for a high-touch, high-commitment engagement to help them actually live the life they want. They are ready to take charge, and transform their lives.

My coaching methodology is based on:

  • 12-step principles and practices
  • The principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology
  • Learnings and resources from Functional medicine
  • Four years of mentorship under Amber Krzys and Carolyn Freyer-Jones
  • The work of Master Coach Steve Chandler

My coaching style is honest, direct, open and loving:

  • We share about the current state of your life and what could be better
  • We identify patterns that can be updated or optimized
  • We laugh about the human experience and all it contains
  • We hunt down belief patterns to upgrade and reframe
  • We heal from the past
  • We pave a new path for the future

Client miracles that have occurred in past coaching containers have been:

  • massive increases in earning and financial well-being
  • healing of primary relationships
  • calling in of new romantic partnerships
  • transitioning out of an unaligned career and into an aligned one
  • going into remission from chronic illness
  • healing ancient emotional wounds
  • building authentic self-confidence
  • getting out of debt
  • doubling or tripling one’s income
  • supporting oneself financially for the first time ever
  • finding and getting the “dream job”
  • experiencing greater empowerment, inspiration, and community
  • easefully booking work as an artist
  • experiencing trust, joy, and freedom
  • leaping ahead in one’s artistic or entrepreneurial career

…and so much more.

One-on-One Coaching

Investing in a six or 12- month coaching package is like getting a Masters Degree in yourself. You’ll leave with mastery over whatever area of your life you choose to transform, and often, over multiple areas you didn’t even set out to shift as the ceiling of your old life becomes the floor of the new one.

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Six-Month Inspired Hollywood Group

A small group offering for 10 Hollywood Artists: producers, directors, writers, or actors, who want to make massive breakthroughs in their careers, inside and out. If you’re looking to join an inspired community of artists, and take new ground in your Hollywood life, this may be for you.

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Three-Month Radiant Health Group

An intimate group experience designed specifically for individuals suffering from autoimmune and chronic illnesses. Via root cause education and community, patients pursue better medical treatment, work to reclaim their lives from illness, and find more radiance inside and out.

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Your investment in personal growth generates compound interest over time.

The work we do together inside any of the offered services plants seeds of greater fulfillment, peace, self-love, success, and resiliency in your life. Then these seeds blossom: either immediately, or down the line. It’s not unusual for people to invest in coaching, and then shortly upon completion or even a year later, accomplish the goals they set out to – getting the dream job, finding the dream partner, buying the house they always wanted. The benefits of an investment in personal growth continue far after the container closes.

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