I am Young, in Pain, and Trapped

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I am Young, in Pain, and Trapped

I am young, in pain, and trapped. This was the story I told myself over and over.

Three years ago my life was a constant struggle.

Undiagnosed autoimmune conditions were stripping away my ability to eat, breathe, and walk, and all I felt was despair.

Air clawed through my lungs, migraines haunted my days like ghosts. Relegated to my apartment, then to my bed, then to doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and IV chairs, I looked at other people’s bodies with bafflement — how is it possible that they just don’t face this? I wondered. What magic do their bodies have, that they get to be young and free and beautiful, and I don’t?

I didn’t know then that it wasn’t magic at all that well people had.

I didn’t know then that five years later I’d be living in a body healthier and more beautiful than any body I had ever known — bodies just like the ones I admired.

I didn’t know then that our bodies crave balance and know just what to do to create it, when we lay the right path for them.

I didn’t know it was possible for me to live free.

What I discovered in my five years of research on my own case was this: Allergens, Stress, Poor Nutrition, Toxicity, Gene Mutations, and Infections are the six root causes of all chronic inflammatory conditions. Address them one by one and any of us can be free.

Today I am 80% recovered from Hashimoto’s, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Migraines, and food allergies using techniques the Western Medical community eschewed as quackery.

I have a new story that I tell myself. That I am powerful, beautiful, healing, and free.

This fall, I’m leading a Three-Month Radiant Health Group – to lead other chronically ill patients through the process that liberated me.

It’s an intimate community of six powerful souls committed to creating the health in their lives that they are seeking.

If you:

Have unresolved health complaints that you can’t seem to crack

Have an autoimmune disease that your current treatments aren’t controlling

Have health and wellness goals you’d like to meet, but never feel you have the strength or discipline to create them

This group could be for you.

The group will:

Give structure to your healing

Provide accountability, inspiration, and emotional support to keep going when you’re stuck

Provide information about treatments and therapies you may not hear from your conventional doctor

Introduce you to the six root causes of chronic illness, so you have a roadmap to follow for the rest of your recovery

Surround you with like-minded people, who are all cheerleaders for your growth and wayshowers for a life you didn’t know was possible for yourself.

Create more ease, acceptance, joy, and hope in your life.

Get you on the path to symptom reduction

If this sounds like you, get in touch, and we’ll set up a time to talk. No matter, our conversation will serve you. There is hope to end chronic illness. What are you waiting for?