Saying No and Disappointing People

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Saying No and Disappointing People

“You cannot love a brave life without disappointing some people.” – Oprah

Becoming willing to disappoint others is key in living a life of freedom and authenticity.

And, for those who come out of any kind of codependent pattern in their personal relating, that can feel agonizing if not possible.

For that, this video from Oprah and Brene Brown is honestly–fire.

First of all, two powerhouses of personal growth showing-up to have a heartfelt conversation full of deep humility is an inspiration to us all, always.

But also, in this video about living a brave life, Oprah touches on something truly incredible.

I’ll use her words here:

“The people who really care for you, who are rooting for your rise, will not be disappointed… those people who are rooting for your rise, they are going to be okay when you say no.”

HOT DAMN. If you could use a boost of shamelessness today, if it would support you to listen to two women at the top of their game talk about walking through some of the biggest gremlins there are, watch on.