Six-Month Inspired Hollywood Group

A transformational coaching experience for 10 Hollywood Artists, looking to break through into their next level of success in Hollywood, inside and out. For actors, writers, producers, and directors.

If you feel stuck in painful stories about Hollywood and want to believe in yourself and possibility again.
If you see huge things for yourself, but don’t know what to try next to create the results you want.
If you feel lonely and isolated on this journey and long for loving, supportive community but don’t know where to find it.
If you want to experience possibility, joy, and professional self-esteem in this profession DAILY.
If have suffered disappointments and want to recover from them with more resilience, professionalism, and confidence.
If you want to experience inspiration, possibility, and the LOVE of this profession, the way you always knew was possible.

This work is for you.

The Structure

  • 12 group coaching calls
  • One in person full day group launch
  • One in person half day closing day
  • Access to a private Facebook group with unlimited support
  • Six monthly reports
  • Three 75-minute one on one sessions scheduled at your discretion


  • Start by submitting the contact form
  • If you’re entirely new to me, we meet for 45 minutes to get to know each other
  • If there’s potential for more work together after that, we meet again for 2 hours and you’ll leave with an assignment
  • If your life has been enriched, we talk about group enrollment from there
  • For the complete enrollment process, please visit the Working Together page or contact me for more info


One-time payment:


Or Two Payments:

Inspired Hollywood Artist Success Stories

“From the moment I hopped on my intro session with Sascha, I just knew I had to get in on the coaching she had to offer. Before I joined the group I had a lot of goals I just couldn’t seem to find time for. I spent over a decade in the film industry doing everything but what I wanted to do — I am a trained director, and yet, I was taking jobs as a production assistant, casting associate, and video playback tech, just to name a few. When I started IHG, I knew I was in for an overhaul and even so, I was blown away by the progress I made and the constant support and coaching I had from Sascha and my groupmates. The course is truly inspiring and, for me, working with a team is always more productive and helpful. Over those 6 months I left a job I didn’t want to be in, partnered in a company where I use my visionary and directing talents daily, directed a promo for a startup, directed a music video for one of my all-time favorite artists, I’m pitching to direct another music video, and literally found the creative partner of my dreams who I’m developing a TV series with. My life has transformed. Today I have the true pro confidence I was only daydreaming about before. I am constantly in a state of gratitude that I work for myself and am now in the practice of using my talents on a daily basis and doing what brings me pure joy. I know my self-worth and it’s only growing.” – Claire Wood, Director

“I was struggling quite heavily with issues of imposter syndrome, self-esteem, and fear of rejection that I wasn’t genuinely addressing or trying to “power through” and, unbeknownst to myself, that had been manifesting in my creative career in ways I believed to be unrelated. I had, for all intents and purposes, stagnated creatively and professionally. I was maintaining a healthy load of work but it never felt very satisfying and it felt like I had been running on a treadmill in terms of the level of work and opportunities coming my way. I wanted to grow more, do more, be more. I was honestly skeptical joining the group for a myriad of reasons, but I listened to whatever was pulling me to sign up and take the leap and it helped me a tremendous amount. Sascha and the other participants helped me feel more comfortable starting therapy and addressing deeper issues that then fueled further progress within the group, I was able to let go of a lot of limiting beliefs and challenge myself to commit to what I wanted out of my career. In the six months, I failed at achieving my goal of finishing one specific screenplay I’d been afraid to tackle for a while – instead I found new representation that has opened up tons of new doors for me, I’m pitching to studios on some incredible opportunities, I’m prepping to be staffed on my first network show, I’ve booked multiple writing assignments and had to turn down work for the first time, I’ve made huge progress on a novel which I wasn’t even considering, and I finished multiple new screenplays. That one I was afraid of? I’ve started that as well. The gains are hard to ignore and I know that a huge part of that growth has come from the skills – both internal and external – as well as the support I received by participating in the group.”

– Mike Cruz, Writer, Producer
“My life feels completely different than it did when I started the Inspired Hollywood Group. Before the group, I was spending much more time working in my business than in my artistic career. I wanted to correct that balance, trust more in the process, release some workaholic tendencies, and start to see some momentum in my acting career. With Sascha and the group’s support, I slowed way down, focused on what was truly important, and the acting bookings followed. I have a much clearer picture of exactly how I want to lead in this industry, and I am excited to claim my ideal vision! Sascha is so skilled at gently pointing out blind spots, and helping us to use a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual modalities to accelerate positive change in our lives. I’m so grateful.” -Ajarae Coleman, Actress
“I came into Inspired Hollywood Group with an intention to uncover the “Year of the Ugly”. As an artist of color and a woman, I had been in Hollywood with an impeding pressure to be “perfect”, “beautiful” and “flawless”. Historically, it seemed to me that, if I could accomplish being these three traits, that I would be an undeniable star. Conversely, all the performances I had ever admired came from those artists who weren’t afraid to embrace the “ugly” or “raw” pieces of themselves and infuse them into their performances. What Sascha’s coaching in this group gave me was more than I could have bargained for! The group not only helped to support the deeply ugly and raw feelings of internalized and systemic racism that waged inside of myself and in Hollywood, but also fueled a propulsion forward into radical self-acceptance and the beauty of my own personal shine. Prior to being in this group, I had only known how to be supportive towards others; now, I can do it with and for myself. There have been so many external wins since joining the group, but the deeper internal wins of tearing down hyper-fantasized barriers have given me the freedom to create the career I never even believed would happen for me. To be among like-minded artists, who root you on, encourage and celebrate you, while walking through some of the biggest perspective shifts I’ve faced was simply invaluable. There are not enough words to adequately describe the transformational growth in my career and life. I not only have a deeper sense of myself, but a community of wonderful humans who I know, going forward, will continue to celebrate and shine me on.” – Sarah Hollis, Actor, Producer, Writer
“I was floundering before I found Sascha’s coaching and her group. I was determined to turn “pro” as an actress and with all aspects of my life, but I had no idea how to do it. Sascha taught me how! I also learned from and was extremely supported by my nine fellow members of the group. They all helped me figure it out. I TURNED PRO! I made five new solid casting director relationships, established a better partnership with my talent agency and received new professional friends and colleagues with more empathy and compassion for all journeys in this business. I even booked an online play reading and a straight-to-offer lead role in a short film. I also became TONS more comfortable with money flowing into my life. So yes, I Turned Pro and am never going back. Thank you, Sascha! You helped me change the algorithms of the universe and got me believing in myself again. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for creating a safe space for all of us to find a thriving life.” – Jenny Rainwater, Actress

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