How to Navigate the Intersection of Acting and Disability

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How to Navigate the Intersection of Acting and Disability

If you don’t know the incomparable Ajarae Coleman–allow me to introduce you.

Ajarae is the CEO and founder of Acting Resource Guru (ARG) a coaching organization that supports actors in increasing their business acumen and know-how and in getting the representation and credits they deserve.

She is an ivy-league grad, a consummate professional, a fantastic actress, and a beautiful and sensitive soul. She also hosts the Acting Resource Guru Pro Interview Series. A series she had me on in early 2020.

I just love this interview we did together. We spent a juicy hour discussing the intersection of Lyme Disease and my acting career, and my experience producing a viral short film, and how my life changed as a result.

Having a lifestyle-impacting disease like Lyme can, and often does, suck any dreams or ambitions other than getting well right out the window. That’s why this interview is so important.

Our discussion of ableism was healing and beautiful–and it was super fun to talk about my acting career and how my journey with my body was impacted, too.

If you’ve ever been afraid you can’t be sick and successful at the same time–please listen.

Shout outs to Amy Main and Melanie Zoey Weinstein in this episode too for their amazing work on “Why I Dance.”

Check it out here.

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