The Wending Road of Root Cause Treatment

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The Wending Road of Root Cause Treatment

“THE WENDING ROAD OF ROOT CAUSE TREATMENT, i.e., my many BLESSED and failed experiments on the road to wellness (as narrated by my podcast appearances.)

When investigating root causes of chronic conditions, all of us will try out theories, treatments, and doctors that ultimately don’t get us where we want to go. And all of us will go through phases where we think we’ve found “the answer”…only to find that answer changes shortly thereafter. This is a part of the process of getting well.

But it can be a rollercoaster for us and for those around us. Is it this thing? Or is it the other? If that wasn’t the whole story–why did it work, then? Why did it stop working, now?

I don’t have these answers. But I have experienced all those things, and I’ve seen my sick friends and clients experience them too. Even while over time, our trajectory is moving undeniably upwards. So I think it’s safe to say this is Universal. Perhaps it’s even the cost of being an advocate and a pioneer on the road to healing mysterious and chronic disease.

Recently, as I’ve been collecting old podcast appearances for my website rebrand, I’ve been delighted (and chagrined) to discover that my podcast appearances over the years have reflected this truth about the process: there were times I thought one thing about my recovery…then times I just as passionately thought another. I’ve said different things about myself and about illness over the years. I’ve deeply believed different things about myself and about illness over the years.

On one podcast I’ve said: “It’s this!”

Then, in another podcast later I’ll say, “Hold on, it’s this.”

I’ve had different theories about what was going on with me, and different favorite treatments to recommend.

So was I right then? Or now?

Or both?

As I sat with this, as I listened to the me of a few years back talk about her experience, I remembered that this IS the process with root cause investigation. Trying and experimenting, and finding your own way through the woods. Via one experiment, after the other. After the other. After the other. Through failures. False starts. Promising treatments, failed treatments, new theories, old theories…then more and more accurate and honed in therapies over time.

Recovering from chronic illness is a layered thing. All we can do is take one layer off at a time. Take one burden off the body…then the next.

And we do that through trying things on, and seeing if they fit. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they only appear to. And it’s all valuable.

That’s the experience I walk my clients through. And it’s the experience I had as well.

Illness is humbling in so many ways and one of them is this–nothing is set in stone. My own opinion changes over time.

I’ll admit, though it isn’t the majority of my experience listening to these, I’ve had moments of cringiness amongst feeling pride and self-respect–“oh man, I didn’t know then what I know now!” “I said that?! Oof! That’s so wrong!”

The truth is, because I was willing to try and fail over and over again–that IS why I’m well today.

These appearances reflect the experiments I was running then.

It’s my hope you see your own experiments, and your own present moment in the same loving light. It’s all a part of your healing. The treatments that stick and the ones that don’t.

There’s a lot of goodness in the podcasts below from “Healing Out” Loud with my fantastic client, Jackie Shea.

They are packed with value, stories, and autoimmune and Lyme education, connection, honesty and laughter. The first podcast covers the beginnings of my story–how I got sick, when it all started, and the strategies I was using to combat what I thought was only autoimmune disease at that time.

You can find that here. I talk Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, migraines, IC, autoimmune disease, romance and sex while ill, and the Six Root Cause System I used for my healing.

A year later, she had me back on, when I was diagnosed more definitively with Late-stage Lyme. I resemble so much more of my current self in that podcast. But still hadn’t discovered SOT, The treatment that would eventually help me turn the corner with Lyme.

That second appearance is here. I talk Lyme Diagnosis and treatment, spiritual practices for the toughest times, Fecal Microbiota Transplants, and how to talk to God during the hardest times.

Each podcast appearance is incomplete in regards to the full picture I would at some point have about me. (My current holy trinity of treatment is SOT, pelvic floor PT, and neuroplasticity work. Who knows how long that will last?)

And yet, each provides glimpses into a process that I was walking.

I share so much valuable information in each of these. Some information that I have since forgotten at this stage in my treatment. Like LDA, chelation, saunas, air filtration… There are people who will hear these pods and get answers that they wouldn’t get from my story now.

This is the process that each of us needs to take to heal: experimenting, sharing with other sick people, educating yourself to the best of your ability, and continuing to learn along the way.

As long as we keep walking–we’re doing great.

Here’s to parts of my story supporting you in yours.

To your healing,