The Six Root Causes System

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The Six Root Causes System

Over years of speaking with sick people in person at my office, I’ve learned that although each of us is different in terms of sets of symptoms, specific life events, and unique mental and emotional challenges and barriers to care, there’s a set of information that I end up sharing basically every time I sit with someone.

It’s what I think of as the roadmap out of chronic illness: the Six Root Cause system, as I understand, and as I used it to heal myself.

As I spoke to people over the years, creating this audio, where this information could be disseminated for free, wherever it could serve, whether someone could sit with me or not, was the clear move. Not only because I can’t possibly speak to everyone, but also because hearing this first can make the next steps: treatment prioritization, doctor selection, easier and faster.

So here it is for you, sick friend–an audio on the Six Root Causes that I used to crack my own case, and that I share with clients in person when they sit with me.

I hope it may assist you in your own healing the way it assisted me in mine. To your health!