Professional Jealousy And How To Use It For You

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Professional Jealousy And How To Use It For You

One of the juiciest topics for me to unpack with clients (particularly artists) is professional jealousy. How to manage seeing someone else getting the exact thing you want, without collapsing into victim thinking, self-admonishment, and delusions of being not enough.

Jealousy can be a huge friend in helping us experience greater levels of self-advocacy, success, and connection with others–but only if we have strategies to use it for good. When we don’t, it can take us out of the game. For a day, a week, sometimes for forever.

When we worked with this topic in the 2021 Inspired Hollywood Group, the results were astonishing. Several participants said that reframing jealousy via the exercise below was a revolution in their thinking. That’s why I’m gifting the worksheet from that day to you here.

Print it out, read it, and employ the strategies inside–and let me know how it supported you in showing up in your artistry with more inspiration, authenticity, advocacy, and support.

To your own jealousy revolution!

Professional Jealousy