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My Favorite Resources for Coaches

Carolyn Freyer-Jones E-Book “Top Ten Writings for Professional Coaches Developing Mastery in the Art of Client Acquisition”

“Top Ten Writings for Professional Coaches Developing Mastery in the Art of Client Acquisition” an eBook from Carolyn Freyer-Jones. aka The Secret Manual to Growing Your Coaching Business–and it’s free!

Sometimes I still can’t believe the incomparable CFJ graced us with this FREE and EPIC collection of writings where she expounds in signature Carolyn-style (playfully, directly, and with Loving) on how to create clients through service.

I consider this the secret manual of how she and her business partner Michelle Baumann built their multiple six-figure practices from scratch–and how you can, too.

Just like it sounds like it would be, this thing is solid gold.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience her first hand, Carolyn is one of the most skilled coaches alive today at guiding new coaches in moving out of neediness and desperation and into massive prosperity in the field of coaching.

She is also one of the most bold, professional, prosperous, and impactful coaches (and people!) I have ever met. Her work has made an enormous impact on me and on my business. And as a client of hers from her coaching school (learn more about that here) I can’t tell you the comfort it brings me to know that any time I need to hear Carolyn remind me of the basics of client acquisition through radical service–I have this eBook to draw upon.

There are few resources out there that cut more to the chase, are more willing to serve from transparency and good humor, and cover more of the basics of growing a coaching practice–from emailing, to overcoming fear of offending, to following up professionally, to making sure you get paid on time!–than this one.

I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone new, or not so new. I return to these writings again and again to remind myself of what I already know.

I hope they support you, too, as you walk your own path towards greater success and prosperity in the field of coaching.

Amber Krzys and Carolyn Freyer-Jones “Seven Big Ideas for Coaching Success”

“Seven Big Ideas for Coaching Success” an eBook from Amber Krzys and Carolyn Freyer-Jones

I will never forget the first time I sat down with Amber Krzys to learn enrollment. I was sitting in her office in Los Angeles in August California heat, a blank sheet of paper on my lap, taking notes like a banshee, as she dropped pearl after pearl of white-hot coaching gold on me and the other attendees of her Summer Enrollment Boot Camp.

I think my jaw was on the ground the whole time. And my hand just about fell off from writing so hard. Watching Amber teach enrollment is like watching Serena Williams step onto the tennis court. When it’s happening, it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Her mastery and enthusiasm for the profession of coaching is infectious, inspiring, and deeply, deeply helpful.

That’s why it’s my distinct pleasure to send along to you her and Carolyn Freyer-Jones’ new eBook: “Seven Big Ideas for Coaching Success.”

In this eBook, Amber and Carolyn cover seven of the basic concepts that create strong and successful coaches in this business. From Comparison to Consistency to Action to Recovery…all of these practices deeply assist coaches in growing their professional strength, getting stronger financial results, and breaking through inner limitations and imagined glass ceilings.

I’m including it here for your own use and inspiration. I hope it serves you as it has served me, as you continue to hone your own skills as a coach and a business owner.

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler

The first time I picked up The Prosperous Coach, I stayed up until 4:00am completing it in one go. Seriously. Hearing two of the most masterful and effective coaches alive spill their secrets, systems, and stories of success was a bomb that dropped in my life and left me permanently changed and outrageously inspired.

If this is a profession that calls to you, this book is one read, and come back to time and time again.

Rich and Steve have truly written the bible on client acquisition through service. TPC spells out in clear and doable language, a proven system (that I use to this day!) to create clients through service and care. The amount these two give away in this book about how to serve, lead, and enroll makes it priceless in value.

And it’s priced accordingly. (Don’t be shocked when you look it up!)

This book is all you really need to know about making money as a coach and serving others from your heart.

If you read one book about coaching in your lifetime, make it this one. My encouragement: read it, then read it again, then read it again.

“What I Wish Someone Had Told Me” [when I started the coaching profession.] From Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Amber Krzys, Stephen McGhee, Devon Bandison, and Steve Chandler

Is there anything better than watching coaching hard-hitters laugh and share about the exciting, messy, joyous, scrappy, and hilarious experience of learning how to be a coach?!

That’s what this video delivers. 100%.

Which is what puts it at the top of my list of can’t-miss resources for anyone coaching others.

There are few Pro Coaches I respect more than Amber, Carolyn, Steve, Stephen, and Devon, and hearing them talk about what they wish they had known early on in their personal journeys, feels like a chiropractic adjustment, a realignment towards what really matters.

In this video they cover:
Taking yourself too seriously.
Listening more.
Letting go of being impressive.
Showing up empty.
In-session discovery.
The power of presence.
Building a practice one relationship at a time and one act of service at a time.
That mistakes are the way.
Why coaching is the best profession in the world.
Willingness to be flexible
How to show up on the days that just aren’t fun
….and so much more.

I see myself in it, I see my clients in it, and the generosity on display from these coaches is inspiring and beautiful to witness. We learn so much from watching other strong coaches lead!

It’s my joy to pass it along to you.

May it support you in getting down to work today, keeping it simple today, and serving more and more fully in your world, in that unique way only you can.