My Favorite Books About Money

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My Favorite Books About Money

You are A Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero’s book is a great one to follow-up Overcoming Underearning with. Make sure to do the exercises at the end of each chapter to really get the value that is available here–because newsflash: talking and reading about money is not the same as investigating your OWN money practices and taking new and different action! Oof! Uncomfortable I know! But Jen will go easy on you–she speaks so relatably in this book to money up-leveling as a journey, and the soul-searching and risk-taking it involves. Her writing style truly makes it feel like it’s possible for anyone to walk the path she’s walked (WHICH IT IS). Even more proof that the new style of leadership we are waking up to as a human race is not about gurus, but about fellows. Each of us sharing our gifts and our story as a way to light the torch for those around us. Jen does that beautifully. This is a fun and quick read with some balls-to-the-wall journaling and visualization exercises that will change your money life if you’re willing to apply them.

The Illusion of Money – Kyle Cease

Chapter Three of Kyle’s book “The Illusion of Money” (spoiler: it’s entitled “The Illusion of Security”) changed my life. Dead stop. Kyle thoroughly debunks that whole “money is my security” thing, in a way that honestly, nothing and no one else was able to for me. And that’s saying a lot, because I talk with my coach about this all the damn time! If you want something to help you take down money culture as a whole and divest from money worship inside of yourself–this small and mighty book is the one.

Wealth Warrior – Steve Chandler

“It is important that you get clear for yourself that your only access to impacting life is action. The world does not care what you intend, how committed you are, how you feel or what you think, and certainly it has no interest in what you want and don’t want. Take a look at life as it is lived and see for yourself that the world only moves for you when you act.” – Werner Erhard, as taken from from Wealth Warrior.

DAMN. Like every Steve book, this one is a kick in the pants. In the best possible way.

No one makes personal growth doable the way Steve does. Wealth Warrior is no exception. It gets you into bolder action in your life–which is a direct line to more money, every time. And Steve does it with his signature good humor, humility, and straight-talk. This was an important book in my personal trajectory of upleveling my earning. It was one of the primary books that supported me in moving from $70K years to $250K years via its committed focus on service, on giving, on daily action. This book isn’t called “A Personal Prosperity Revolution” for nothing. It will serve anyone in any sector who wants to move up. Buy this thing!

The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money is a money book of a very different kind. Lynne was a career fundraiser for non-profit organizations, and has worked amongst tremendous wealth, and amongst tremendous poverty. She has also worked with cultures that have no concept of money at all, and has worked in the upper annals of capitalism, through her lived experiences in all these spaces, she has emerged with perspectives on money and the good it does in the world, and what causes it to cause harm, when it does, that I find singular and precious.

The image she shares in this book of money as a currency that flows through all our lives is life-changing and life-giving. This book is about the deeper impacts money can have on our world, and on ourselves.

Lynne also debunks the three Toxic Money Myths operating in our world. 1. “There’s not enough” 2. “More is better.” 3. “That’s just the way it is.” Sound familiar? How different would our world be if we really lived from the idea that these are FALSE? How different would your personal world be?

Finally, Lynne offers the concept of sufficiency: treasuring and stewarding thoughtfully, what is already there, as the solution to them all.

Grab this book if you need a money renovation inside your mind, spirit, and soul.