Mind-Reading vs. Speaking Your Mind

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Mind-Reading vs. Speaking Your Mind

Probably the single most powerful step in my journey to heal my relationships was moving out of the unconscious habit of mind-reading, and into the conscious action of speaking my mind.

Mind-reading is a passive communication style that forces us to meet our needs through guessing the needs and intentions of others. (This is how most women have been taught to communicate in today’s world, btw!)

Speaking your mind is an active communication style that allows us to say what we mean and not say it mean. And to meet our needs through our words and requests rather than unconscious hints.

Mind-reading was my go-to communication strategy for many, many years–I’m an expert on it! And trust me, there’s a better way.

Speaking my mind (the antidote to mind-reading) in my life, has not only been fulfilling, empowering, and expansive, it has also created the romantic partnership I have today, the renewed relationship I have with my family today, and my prosperous business I enjoy.

Many clients come into my practice JUST to start practicing this one habit in their personal and professional lives. Wild transformation always follows.

I’m so inspired by the transformation available through this one simple shift, that I made an audio about it for you, below.

If you:
– feel resentful and unseen in your personal and professional relationships
– anticipate others’ unspoken needs and feel rage and betrayal when they don’t anticipate yours back
– struggle with expressing yourself authentically
– rely on hinting or emotionally retaliating to get your way
– feel like your needs and wants just don’t matter to others
– always feel you’re last on your own list of priorities

…this audio may be for you. Enjoy.

And share your learnings with me at sascha@saschaalexandercoaching.com.