Is Life Conspiring To Help You In Your Hollywood Career?

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Is Life Conspiring To Help You In Your Hollywood Career?

This week my coach said something deeply beautiful on a coaching call.

She said: “Life is conspiring to help me…even now.”

What she meant was: when we take a break, when we check our phones, when we’re asleep, when we’re complaining about our challenges, Life is busy all the while, helping us meet the goals we set.

Does it feel unlikely? Do you feel Resistance inside to this?

Many artists do. I used to be one of them.

Last fall, I started a six-month coaching package with my coach to kick-start my acting career, and heal around some old narratives in brand-new ways.

My primary goal was to start auditioning for TV the way I auditioned for commercials: confidently, with relaxation, with faith, and knowing that I was a great bet and a good hire–that I could let my nerves go.

The truth is, despite my increase in credits and experience over the years, my nerves were only getting worse. I still struggled with inadequacy, fear, and obsession with what others thought of me when I stepped into my artistry–even though I was a vetted artist with tons of credits and lots of people who believed in me.

My coach and I committed to a six-month package to turn this around.

I spent that time with her unburdening myself of old stories and resentment, finding my own artistic voice again, putting myself on tape weekly to see what I was doing and lo and behold: my TV auditions increased.

Life was on my side. In cooperation.

But it didn’t end there.

I also took someone out to dinner who I admired in the industry, another actress, who was ahead of me, who had had the kinds of jobs I wanted. It was a big deal for me to be that vulnerable–I asked her how she enjoyed the success she did.

I started to receive help in new ways.

But still, I didn’t quite feel the confidence and relaxation in my auditions I was after. I kept going.

Three months after that, I was in my third month of work with a different coach, (yes, I hire a lot of coaches, I recommend you do, too), when the head of that program told me: “Sascha, you’re going to want to learn to leave the emotional rollercoaster that helps you with your acting craft there…and not bring it into your business, and The Business in general. This will help you.”

She told me it would help me professionally and personally, to learn to separate the emotional stories inside of me from the realities I was living.

I knew it when I heard it that she was right, but had no idea how to accomplish it.

Enter: Life.

Within weeks of that talk with that coach, a friend I knew from LA reached out and invited me to his Voice Class. I went, ready to be unimpressed (my history with voice-work was lukewarm, something we laugh about now!)–and lo and behold, the opposite occurred.

I raised my hand to participate (I’m well-trained by my coaches to play all-in), and after seeing me work for five minutes, the practitioner in question nailed every single thing I knew was wrong inside of my acting but had never had the courage to say out loud, and told me he could help me with all of it.

I hired him, too.

One of his first notes to me was: “One of our goals for you is separating feelings from facts. Keeping your feelings from overtaking you.”

I hear you, Life. I said yes.

We worked on quieting my energy so it was less erratic and volatile, we breathed new life into my belief in myself and my value in the industry.

Six months later, I walked into an audition with a brand new perspective. I was so relaxed, I was so myself, I showed up to be of service, I thanked the director for his feedback, rather than taking it personally, and the week after, when I booked it, I worked two of the most joyous days on set I have ever had: completely free of anxiety or nerves. Completely free of stories of my inadequacy, or need to prove.

Oh and that actress who I deemed “above me” who I took out to dinner? She asked me to produce MY TV project almost exactly a year after our dinner date.

See, we don’t know what we’re being set up for when we say yes to opportunities.

From the moment I started that six-month coaching container in Fall 2019, Life had a plan for me, and was organizing it all. Even in the moments I thought it wasn’t working, the times I feared I wasn’t up to it, when I didn’t see the larger pattern, Life did. Life was helping me, and still is.

These are the kinds of miracles that we are creating in the Six-month Inspired Hollywood Group for actors, writers, producers, and directors, I’m leading starting in January 2021.

In the group, that is still in pre-launch BONUS CALLS this has ALREADY occurred:

– Someone has booked two back-to-back feature films roles–in the midst of a pandemic
– Someone has signed a huge producer to a shopping agreement for a TV concept that had been lingering at a big studio without support for the past two years. They are now totally in control of the project, and signing paperwork as we speak.
– Someone has been paid for their directing work for the first time in years, and has an exit plan in place to leave their dayjob.
– Someone had a huge audition for a recurring guest star after a year of no auditions.
– Someone booked a Lifetime TV movie, and turned it down so she could be available to even bigger opportunities.

And this is just the beginning.

Do you want to feel the power of Life conspiring to help you?

Three spots remain in this group. The seven already in are hungry, ready, and creating all sorts of momentum. Trust me, you want to hang with them.

I’m looking for people who are ready to play all-in like these seven, to believe in miracles, and say that this is the year that things will go differently for them.

This group starts January 16, 2021.

If it sounds like it could be for you–message me below. Or PM me and we’ll set up a conversation.
So, is it “true” that Life is conspiring to help you?

I ask you this: Does it matter? If, when we live as if it is, everything gets easier?

Synchronicity works in our favor, our days are filled with magic, and we see patterns and gifts, rather than speedbumps, and speed traps.

What feels better to believe? What helps you move forward today?

I want to hear from you.