Growing My Savings

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Growing My Savings

The week before Christmas 2016 my car was totaled in a hit-and-run. It was a 2004 Scion I’d bought for $7000 at age 23 and had been proudly driving for eight years. Despite it’s smelly air conditioning, stained back-seats, and 200,000 odometer reading, I congratulated myself on being without a car payment, (I’d paid off the loan with commercial money two years prior) and I continued to drive the Scion with zest. At the time, money felt like something that was hard to secure, and I congratulated myself for my ability to scrimp. My ability to make it work with what I had.

But in an instant everything changed.

Progressive determined the cost of repair to be higher than the value of my car and declared it totaled.

Come December 29th, I was car-less…in LA!

And all that remained of my proud scrimping was a $2500 check from Progressive for a new vehicle.

Predictably calm in a crisis, I initially looked on the bright side and I started shopping–this will be great, I thought! It’s okay that I just finished all my Christmas shopping and I’m heading into a slow month for tutoring– I’m good with bargains! I’ll figure it out!

But two days later, I had descended into despair. Craigslist made it clear that anything that was comfortable, stylish, and not beaten to shit in 2016 was way beyond my capacity to purchase with my $2500 down-payment and my savings account, hovering around $7000.

I was 31 years old. And still couldn’t buy a car like an adult.

I stormed around my parents’ home, fuming—visited by years of disappointments, times I said “no” to myself, times I postponed what I really, really wanted because of money. I thought about all the measuring and scrimping, the strategizing, the exhausting longing for more, the jealousy, the helplessness. It had been years like this; years of WAITING for my art to support me on a larger level, WAITING to live into the vision I had for myself and my life, WAITING to spend money on jeans someone hadn’t already worn before me!

I stomped around my Christmas vacation, unable to sit still. I was seeing it all clearly for the first time.

Then I had it. I stopped in the middle of my pacing, turned to my boyfriend and said what I’d been thinking and feeling for years. “I’m so tired of being broke!!!”

I was tired of being broke. Tired of waiting for someone else to save me. For someone else to do it FOR me—a TV network, a parent, a rich husband, a rich aunt, an inheritance.

I was tired of not living into my own potential.

Really seeing that was the moment that liberated me.

I came back into 2017 a new woman, committed to earning in a new way.

Five months later my savings account hit $35,000. Seven months after that I would discover I had made $101,000 in 2017. The next year, 2018, I did it again: $104,356 in income.

Not only that– I didn’t live in fear anymore. It felt like enough. It felt like more was always coming. I trusted. I found earning exciting, fun, and in many ways… easy.

On Sunday, March 31st I’m leading a 4-hour complimentary workshop on how I did it, and how you can do it, too.

And there are 5 spots left.

If you:
Are tired of being broke, and finally ready to do something differently.
Are over postponing your goals and dreams, and are ready to partner with money in creating a different reality for yourself.
Want a deeper, more trusting relationship with your finances.
Want to never worry about money again…

This workshop is for you. You don’t have to drown in your money fear and limitation. Transformation can start with this one simple act. Reach out and we’ll take it from there.