Four Big Money Beliefs that Limit Your Wealth

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Four Big Money Beliefs that Limit Your Wealth

Hey Community,

Have you been waiting to take control of your financial wellbeing, hoping someone else will do it for you? (A man? A studio executive? The lottery? A parent?)
Have you been using “I’m not good with money” to help yourself hide from greater levels of financial ownership and stewardship?

WOOF, this is a good one.

Every once in a while, there is a shortcut video that makes personal growth simple af. This is that video from Kate Northrup and Marie Forleo.

Kate and Marie make it easy and digestible, to take a look at four of the biggest money lies we tell ourselves.

Who hasn’t bought into some of these 4 Big Money Beliefs at some point? That’s why the below is such a gem.

Kate Northrop on the 4 Big Money Beliefs that Limit Your Wealth

There are a lot more beliefs past these four for most of us, but this video knocks out some major and universal ones, and does it in a loving and relatable way. Plus, they tell personal stories throughout.

This is always one of my first videos I send to someone looking to up their money game in their life.

Take a look!