Fear, Learning, or Growth – Which one do you choose?

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Fear, Learning, or Growth – Which one do you choose?

One of the best things about COVID is that a host of fantastic and much needed content on how to face the things that feel unfaceable, hit the internet, all at once.

This is one of the best ones I saw. And it’s widely applicable, not just to COVID but to any crisis we walk through.

At some point, life hands us crisis. All of us.

That law suit
That miscarriage
That unexpected loss
That health crisis.

This graphic shows us how we tend to relate to all of these things. And what’s possible inside an experience we never wanted to face.

My experience is that we vacillate during these big experiences, back and forth, between our High Self and our Low Self. Fear, learning, growth. Fear, learning, growth. We’re all of it. And that’s great. All parts of the experience are valid and important.

AND I find it’s helpful to identify where you are, and what an alternative might be when you want to lift yourself out.

When that moment comes when your Higher Self is calling.

So. Do you want to stay in fear today?
Do you want to move into learning today?
Do you want to step into growth today?