Don’t Do What I Did

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Don’t Do What I Did


One of my biggest mistakes as a chronically ill patient was to let my doctors be the leaders of my case.

I let doctors be the one who created the protocols; who did the diagnosing; who decided what was happening inside my body. I let them take a quick look at me and tell me what they thought was wrong. Prescribe what they thought would do it. Override my concerns with their degrees, and go for it. I continued to suffer with mysterious symptoms that plagued my life in spite of this, but it was nothing to worry about. They told me so. For years I was in the passenger seat of my own health.

I took their word for it when I stayed undiagnosed, because I was taught that doctors earn well, go to school for longer than I did, that they were smarter than me. And I believed them when they told me that what I had wasn’t a big deal, and then, when it was a big deal, I believed them when they told me it couldn’t be treated.

I wasted years of my life doing this. I suffered, I gaslit myself, I took their word for it, for 20 years.

Then, when things got so bad that I had no other choice; when I lived in daily urinary pain, daily air hunger, daily migraines, daily weakness and fatigue, I left those doctors, and started seeing news ones.

And, most importantly, I started looking up what all my “alternative” doctors were saying… for myself.

I did my OWN research on heavy metal poisoning, yeast, big pharma, big food, processed food, mold, lyme, and neuroplastic pain. I asked other patients what THEY had done, the doctors THEY were talking to, the treatments THEY were trying. I read blogs about people who had recovered from every disease any doctor ever said was unrecoverable from. I consumed book after book about autoimmunity from rogue doctors who were healing people, and little by little, my health started to change.

Because I started to change.

I started only going to doctors who understood with clarity that I had chronic inflammation and there was a way to end it. I started bringing my own theories and research to those doctors, and requesting my own tests and protocols. I started treating myself. Diagnosing myself. Advocating for myself. Digging for MYSELF.

I was taught that doctors were the ones who had authority on what’s going on with me — until I had the privilege of those doctors failing me. Then I got the singular life-changing opportunity to become my own doctor.

Now I live with 90% fewer symptoms than I did two years ago. I had two autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease, chronic migraines, and more and now… I live as a mostly healthy person. Many would say this is a medical miracle. I would say it’s a miracle of personal empowerment, focus, and intention. And YOU can have it too.

I teach other people how to do this now. How to stop settling for what your doctors are giving you. How to TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH FROM THOSE IN POWER and LIVE AGAIN.

If you want this, there are just a few spots left in my Fall Radiant Health Group. Come August 24th, eight extraordinary people will start their own journey to autoimmune remission, body, mind, and spirit using the exact steps that I used to find my healing path. Do you want to be one of them? Do you want to become your own doctor, and end this like I did? PM me or comment below if you want in. Don’t wait as long as I did to live the life I deserved!!!

Are you ready for it to work for you?