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person holding handful of money


“God is my infinite supply. Vast sums of money come to me easily and through Grace for the Highest Good of All Concerned.”

The first time I heard this, a cold shower of relief slid down my entire body, cleansed my heart, unburdened my mind of fear, and landed me RIGHT in my open, solid, grounded roots.

Thank God. There is infinite supply available. And I can ask to receive it easily.

What would change for you if you really let this in? If this became a heartbeat inside of you? If you saw money as an infinite supply of resources that moves with Grace and Ease into your world with sacred, limitless possibility?

I share this prayer because it’s my experience as an adult human that adult life requires adult money decisions. Sometimes big, scary ones. And there are times when we just need a mantra to get through a tough money moment.

Well, you just met mine, right there.

“God is my infinite supply. Vast sums of money come to me easily and through Grace for the Highest Good of All Concerned.”

The first time I heard this, it resonated as deep truth to me. I saw the possibility for a deeper level of faith and surrender for me, one that our more granular relationship with money–“how much is there, where is it going, is there enough?”–usually doesn’t allow us.

The prayer comes from Mary Hulnick, Chief Educational Officer at the University of Santa Monica, and I find it to be a healing balm for the part of me that forgets that I’m a Divine Child of God (I use that word to mean Creation/Universal Intelligence/That which is greater) whose care is of an utmost priority, and who can relax into the prosperity of the Universe and can call in support when I need it.

I usually need it most when I invest with my coach, Amber Krzys. I make five-figure investments in coaching every year. And every time I do it feels like plunging into cold water. I know how good it will feel once I’ve gotten used to it, I know it’s the healthy thing for me to do, plus I’ve been to this freezing pool six freaking times already and have jumped in before. But when it comes down to it, I’d STILL do just about anything to avoid jumping in. As Amber says “people don’t like parting with their money.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to do so. Money is like water–when it flows out, especially to go do good in the world, it flows right back in again somewhere else.

I know this, but I forget. And that prayer helps me every time.

It helps me to remember who I am–that I can create. That I can build wealth over and over again. That I am not the things my money has allowed me to have, I am the thing that created the money in the first place. I have gifts that others value enough to pay me. I can create opportunity in my world by shining as who I am, and co-creating with Life. I remember that as long as I serve, I will never be without money.

This helps me take the plunge, so to speak, when I’m feeling a little plunge-shy.

Which is human. And will happen to us all.

My experience is that the reward is equal to the risk when it comes to money.

It’s my honor to share the prayer that helps me be more willing to risk in my own life.

To your big money risks!


PS. For a little more, here is a link to some phenomenal money affirmations from Louise Hay. They are just the ticket when I need that boost of High Self money truths and my own creativity and low self just aren’t having it!